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How to Generate More Facebook Fans by A Sweepstakes or Giveaway

Did you have your holiday sweepstakes on Facebook yet? If not, don’t fret! There are more holidays in December.

The holidays are a great way to remind your customers, your fans on Facebook, you appreciate their business and to show them you care. After all social media is about connecting, and the holidays are a perfect time to connect with someone. It is also a great time to take advantage of generating more Facebook Fans through social media marketing. Tis’ the season, give and you shall receive!

To generate more Facebook fans through the use of a social media campaign including a sweepstakes or giveaway there are a couple things to keep in mind. Of course, the obvious like following Facebook promotion guidelines, which can be found by clicking here, but also to get generate buzz through strategies of social media marketing .

How do you generate more Facebook fans and buzz? It is simple:

1. Use non fan and fan only content. Have content or an image for non-fans on Facebook, directing them to like the page to learn how to enter. Then once they are a fan, they will receive the entry form.

2. Make sure you are offer a prize that people actually use and or want. Some examples of prizes are an iPad, iPhone, gift certificate, Starbucks gift card, VISA gift card, Facials, etc. If you are in an industry that sells products or services which are not easy to market to everyone, I suggested you spend the extra cash and offer something you know everyone, I mean everyone, can use. It will be worth it- I promise!

3. Make sure you increase the participant’s chance of winning through their friends. To do this you offer a prize for the winner & an additional prize for a friend of their choosing.

For example:

Facial Sweepstakes – Girls Day at the Spa!
Enter to Win A Free Facial and Message for You and A Friend!
Increase your chances of winning- Send the Sweepstakes to Your Friends!
Send (This requires a social plugin, see 3.)

Wait; now I know some of you are thinking, what if I buy two gift cards for this social media marketing campaign and the participant who enters keeps both cards for his/herself?!?

There are three options to choose from in this scenario and depending on your city one may be more appropriate than another:

A. Trust your fans will do the right thing.

B. Require a field in the sweepstakes for the participant to put their nominated friend and their email address so both participants can be emailed if selected.

C. Include a disclaimer stating that upon notification of winning, participant will need to provide name and email address of whom they would like to receive the gift card.

4. Use social plugins on your Sweepstakes tab on Facebook. This requires you to use a social plugin available through Facebook or a third party. One option can be to use the send social plugin developed for Facebook users, visit Send, a Social Plugin on Facebook. An alternative to the send plugin is the LIKE plugin. This has replaced the Share plugin. Personally, I would be cautious about using this plugin for now, as I think users do not clearly understood what happens when the Like button is clicked. To learn more about the social plugin for the like button click here.

5. Social Media Marketing is about cross promoting. Make cards and put them in your office directing people to Facebook, post a notice on your other social media profiles, on your website, etc.

To generate more Facebook Fans just remember- keep it fun, fan only content, have a great photo, include their friends and follow Facebook guidelines!

If you are interested in learning more about social media marketing, contact us today!

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