Social Media Marketing to SEO: How to Setup Linkedin

Thanks to the creation of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, as well as online bookmarketing sites like Delicious and Reddit, social media marketing is becoming a key component in achieving domination through online marketing strategies. With Facebook becoming the most visited site on the internet and with the continued growth of social networking online, it is becoming apparent spiders and algorithms are beginning to take social media into account. Let’s not forget that social media is more than getting more fans on Facebook and more than Twitter, Linkedin and Myspace, it is also blogs, videos, podcasting, bookmarking sites, review sites, etc.

Search Engine Optimization, SEO experts and internet marketing companies have began to incorporate strategies utilizing social media as means to enhance SEO performance, even when they have implemented some of the best kept secrets in SEO. Social media marketing and SEO are now going hand in hand. The important thing to remember is to set up your profiles properly, utilizing key words, applications and the features on the network.

Today I am going to go over how to create a profile on Linkedin, how to setup your company’s profile, products and services and how to connect your profiles together on Linkedin.

Adding your Business to Linkedin

In order to add your company to Linkedin, you will want to have the following things ready.

1. A Standard Logo for your company 100x 60 pixels
2. A Square Logo for your company 50×50 pixels
3. Photos of your products and or services 100×80 pixels
4. Access to the companies primary email address that is associated to your website domain
5. Your company’s information and URL
6. Product/service information
7. YouTube URL’s if applicable
8. Social media page URL’s (i.e.
9. Your Personal Information

Join Linkedin

In order to create a company profile, you will need to create a personal profile first. The person creating the profile should be the owner of the business.

Got to, Select Join, Enter your personal information, Select Join. Now you will need to confirm your email address. To do so go to the email address now associated to your Linkedin Account, find the email and follow the instructions. Once your email address is confirmed you will be brought to your default landing page where you can edit your profile. For now just fill out your basic information: Name, Headline (include SEO key terms), location and save. We will finish the rest later on.

Adding your Company to Linkedin

Now that you have created your personal profile you will want to create and setup your company. To do so follow the instructions below:

1. Select Companies in the top navigation bar
2. Next select add company (located on the right hand side of the page below the search bar)
3. Enter the Company’s Name
4. Enter the Company’s email address (*this email address must be associated to your domain name)
5. Check the box
6. Next
7. Go to your email account, find the email from Linkedin and confirm.

Now that you have confirmed the email address you will be brought to the company’s overview page where you will setup your company’s profile.

Setting up your Company’s Profile on Linkedin

Selecting Page Admin’s on Linkedin

Page admin’s are individuals who are allowed to edit the company’s profile on Linkedin. It is your choice on whom if anyone other than yourself is allowed access to edit your company’s profile. To give admin privileges to someone other than yourself you must already have a connection with them through your personal profile.

There are two options when setting Admin Privileges:
A. Selecting all employees with a valid email registered to the company domain name
B. Select Designated users only

If you select B. the screen will expand and you will have to start typing the names of the individuals who you want to give admin privileges to, including yourself. Then select the individuals.

Company Overview Information

The Company Overview section on Linkedin should be setup properly, as well as the product/service section which is discussed below. Setting up your profile properly will ensure your company receives the maximum benefits Linkedin has to offer your internet strategies. The overview section provides individuals with general information about your company, allows them to connect with your company and provides information to Linkedin’s website, which then is accessible to individuals on Linkedin and the Web.

First you will upload your standard logo and then upload your square logo and then write the company description and enter the necessary information in all fields to follow.

(*Hint: When writing the company description include the metro you are in and are targeting for search engine optimization i.e. plastic surgery san diego, breast augmentation san diego, liposuction, etc.)

Add Company Specialties (Should be your key terms)
Add Twitter ID
Add Company Blog RSS Feed
Under News Module, Select Show News about my company
Company Held, Select from Drop Down Menu
Company Size, Select from Drop Down Menu
Company Website, Enter Website
Company Industry, Select from Drop Down Menu
Year Founded, Enter Data
Select Add Location, Enter information
Select Publish

Now that your company’s overview has been saved you will want to add the products & services you provide.

Adding Product & Services to Your Company’s Profile on Linkedin

Adding product/services to your company’s profile is essential for your businesses social media presence on Linkedin and other search engines. Product and Services not only allows individuals to view more information about what you offer at your company and what the primary selling points are about that product or service, but it also allows people to connect with your website to learn more, as well as watch your videos on YouTube if applicable. For each product/service you will want to repeat the following steps.

Select Product and Services (In Company’s menu bar, next to Overview)


Select Add a product & service
Enter your product/service information here (remember to incorporate your key terms); fill out all fields to the best of your ability
Make sure to include descriptions, key points, etc.
Add disclaimer, if applicable
Enter the page URL of your website that best describes that product or service
Add contact information if applicable
Add Video Title
Add YouTube link if applicable

Once your company’s profile is setup on Linkedin, you will want to return to your profile to finishing it.

Things to Keep in Mind when you fill out the remainder or your PERSONAL PROFILE

1. Under positions, when you start to type your company name, make sure it appears in the drop down menu and select it.
2. Under additional information, website, you will want to add your website, your Facebook page and another network possible. When adding your company’s website, do not select company website from the drop down menu, instead select Other. This will then provide a blank field where you can enter your company’s name or a keyword and then the URL.
3. To add your Facebook page, repeat the steps above, in the blank field put “your company on Facebook”
4. To add another network or site, repeat the steps above. Remember there is a separate field for Twitter, so you do not have to include twitter in this section.

For more information on how to effectively setup your business on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Care2, etc. or to learn more about social media marketing, contact us today.