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“I have been working with Mario from Kohana Media since I started my practice over 14 years ago. We have a built a bullet proof internet strategy and I have watched my practice grow each year.”

Matthew Schulman, M.D.
New York Plastic Surgeon

Key Statistics about Kohana Media:

  • All Kohana Media clients are on the fist page of google for selected keywords.
  • Kohana Media is exclusive to one client per Area.
  • Kohana Media sends monthly reports and has monthly meetings to let you know the status of your strategy.

The Introduction:

SEO for Plastic Surgeons by Kohana Media LLC is a internet marketing company focusing on SEO for Plastic Surgeons, Website Design, YouTube video Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Consulting.

Our customers tend to stand out more than their competition and are interested in generating more clients/patients from the internet. They are at the top in their industry and consistently have the best results. They are highly praised and  most of the time have a long wait to get in and see them.  If you are not booked out several months then after working with us you should start to see a waiting list form.

The Problem:

Figuring out the initial problems:

Google Penalty RemovalAll of our new clients tend to have issues with Googles algorithm update. They have become penalized in the last 2 years or so where you can see the traffic drop significantly and are looking for a company like Kohana Media LLC to get them back on track or back to the first page.  Removing penalties and re-optimizing your website to get back to the first page are most of the same issues we see over and over again.

Another problem we see is other SEO companies taking on several clients in the same area thus not all their clients will reach the first page because one or more of their clients have used the resources to get to the first page and stay there. No two websites are exactly the same. Therefore each website needs a different approach to reach the first page. Thats why its important to only work with one website per area. This allows you to focus all your powers on one website to reach the first page and stay there.

Other problems your website might see:

Link BuilidingSometimes it could be not having enough outside links from other websites to push you up the rankings. Not all links are created equal. Developing a good link strategy is paramount to your rankings. Developing good content to link to is where the magic lies. Having a good understanding of link building is what separates the good SEO companies vs. the rest. We have a very developed linking strategy and that’s why our clients websites always rank in the top of the searches for all given keywords.

The Solution:

The solution can be many fold. But over the last couple years it seems to be an issue with the Googles algorithm updates. Every year they seem to get more and more focused on content.  Its very important to have the right amount of content based around word count. They also have increased the weight that content has in your results in the search engines. If you don’t have at least 2,000 words then Google will sometimes not consider you for first page placement. A while ago they did not enforce this as much as they do now a days. The other ranking factors have become more even more important. Here is how we have solved the issue:

1. Website Analysis:

The first step is using a 3rd party tool to analysis the website and see exactly what are the issues with your website. Almost all the time we see a date where the penalty hit and where the traffic started dropping significantly. We make a note of it and try and find other examples where the same or similar issues might correspond. Once we have gathered all the relevant information surrounding the traffic decrease we put together a plan.

2. Google Penalty Removal

Once we find when the traffic started decreasing we know that there might of been a  penalty attached to your website. There could be other reasons but we find a Google penalty to be the most common. Here are some of the steps we take:

  • From here we start removing the work the previous company did like page titles, descriptions and keywords  until we notice a change in the direction of the traffic.
  • We create a list of links that might be hurting the website and submit a list to to Google to disavow certain links by domain or link.
  • If pages were excluded from the index we analysis those pages and fix them so we can re-submit to Google.
  • If there was a message in the Google Webmaster tools with specific reasons why we are getting this message we fix the issues immediately.
  • Go through all the pages of the website and make sure the on page optimization is where it needs to be to start moving up in the rankings. On page optimization is making sure the pages are linked correctly, the website content count is the right amount of words, page titles are correct, descriptions, keywords, alt text and page content is broken up in proper paragraphs. These are just some of the factors that need to be fixed in order for the website to start moving up in the ranks.

The Results:

After 60-90 days we should start to see the website turn around and the traffic start to increase back to where is was before or new traffic for a website that does not have any issues. See the images below for brazilian butt lift and Brazilian Butt Lift New York City  #1 nationwide and local on Google search for our client Matthew Schulman, M.D. New York Plastic Surgeon.

Brazilian Butt Lift Dr. Schulman

Brazilian Butt Lift New York City

As you can see from the results above it important to go through the website to audit the condition of the website. Once everything is cleaned up and the content, on page optimization and links are added you will start to see the results of your website change.

It does not happen over night but when done properly the website will start moving towards the first page and eventually into the top spots for any given keyword. This case study should be all you need to see to make your decision.

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