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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is one piece of the pie through which businesses websites create and distribute valuable, relevant, and entertaining content for their target market. The aim of the strategy is to instruct, convert, and influence that pinpoint market to take exact lucrative actions.

What’s considered Content Marketing?

In the event that an ad provides value to the reader or viewer, then it could be regarded as content marketing.  If perhaps an article helps you to sell something to your target market, then it could be considered an ad. Ultimately you want to marry the  two together, with your strategy. Content should be an integrated piece of your overall sales channel and marketing plan. Content Marketing along with Search Engine Optimization should be the one of the bases of you complete internet marketing plan.

Content Marketing does the following:

1. Helps people answer questions.. Which in turn positions you into a person of authority in your industry.

2. Proves your integrity and trustworthiness.

3. Boosts exposure to more new targeted people.

4. Produces new, better opportunities

5. Sells people without really selling them. By demonstrating your worth, answering their questions, and being consistently helpful, they will WANT to choose you over your competition.

6. Finally and most importantly.. Content Marketing will get you 4-21 touches that a prospective client needs to have from your business before they choose you.

What’s even better is that content marketing is constant, and will grow in value over time. It will be available as long as the content is online. If you’ve optimized and promoted your content properly, it will be found and looked at for a long time.

Overall, this means a far greater lifetime return on your investment for your time and efforts, than almost anything else you may do for your business.

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