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How can you tell if your website is really shining against the competition? How do you know if your website design is turning casual visitors into active customers? Is your Internet consulting firm keeping you in the loop? Are they gathering, analyzing and using data wisely to make you successful?

Take a deep breath. Kohana Media’s Internet consulting team untangles the data, lays it out in easy-to-digest morsels of insight and puts it to work making your website your must valuable employee.

We Analyze Website Performance

Let us worry about the data while you do what you do best. Kohana Media’s Internet consultants have two decades of experience interpreting the dense analytic data churned out behind the curtains of business websites. That data is pure gold, but only if you know how to use it. So we drill down through the numbers on how your SEO is working, evaluate your traffic, your competition and how well each element of your website works to convert visitors into customers. We do all this legwork and then provide you actionable advice and services to boost all of your online marketing activities. We can put that knowledge to work in your advertising, your SEO efforts, content marketing and more.

We Track Google Tracking

Our Internet consulting pros are total nerds about Google’s powerful data tools: Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Google Tools. In addition to the insight we gain from these tools, we have our own advanced tracking tools to churn through the data so we can accentuate what’s going well with your online marketing while also boosting areas that need a lift. We can search through and hone the data to track how you’re faring in SEO, pay-per-click, email marketing campaigns, social media and other advertising gambits.

We Direct You to the Directories

We’re not talking about the big old door-stopper telephone books of yore. Local, online business directories can literally put you on that all-important mobile map for people on the lookout for your goods and services. But not all directories hold equal value for every business. Kohana Media can clarify which local business directories will send customers to your door vs. the ones that may not. Our tracking systems are good at breaking down this data so you can make informed choices, and then we can make sure you’re listed where your potential customers will see and act upon your contact information.

Schedule an appointment today with Kohana Media’s Internet consulting team and see what’s behind the curtain of successful online marketing.

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