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Social Media Marketing: Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn

Last year over 75% of Americans utilize the internet. Currently, 80% of active internet users are reached by social networking sites and blogs and time spent on these networks now account for nearly a quarter of total time spent online, with Facebook reining the web.

In 2016, US adults will spend an average of 22 minutes a day on Facebook alone, while the remaining countries accounted for over 640 billion minutes spent. On average, out of 1.71 Facebook users, 4.75 billion pieces of content shared daily as of May 2013 on Facebook.

Retaining and Obtaining Clients in the 21st Century

Americans Spend More Time on Facebook Than Any Other US Website.
– Nielsen Social Media Report 2011

Client Social Media Mareting

Social Media Marketing allows you to:

    • Engage and build relations with your customers through content
    • Obtain digital word of mouth referrals through content and marketing campaigns
    • Market your company’s products and services
    • Drive traffic to your website
    • Obtain feedback from your clients

Social networking sites, to the highest degree are now contributing immensely to consumer’s purchase decisions. For this reason it is essential for businesses to have a social media marketing plan that focuses on engaging with their customers. Especially since 70% of online shoppers are on active social networks, and networks like Facebook and Twitter account for 60% of business referrals from people who utilize three or more digital means of research for purchases.

Retaining and obtaining clients are every company’s goal, all which can be enhanced through social networking. The key fundamentals to retaining clients require:

    • Engagement
    • Industry, product and service knowledge and resources
    • Continued improvements in services through feedback or other means
    • Customer service
    • Rewards

Obtaing Clients through Social Media

While, obtaining clients has not changed, the means in which it is done has. Referrals from satisfied customers and advertising your company’s products and services are still keys to growing your clientele. However, word of mouth referrals have now gone digital. With social media dominating the internet, changing the way individuals buy and engage with one another and continues to grow it is crucial for your business to understand how to share and engage with your customers on such networking sites properly. Content is king and you must be able to create interesting content, relate it to your customers and ask for their feedback.

Social Media Plans

We offer social media plans to accommodate your businesses specific needs and budget, from fan only packages to content, Search Engine Optimization, fan and management bundles. Each package can be customized to meet your industries standards and bundles including research, content development and strategic marketing campaigns are designed with your company’s style in mind.

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