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Youtube Video Optimization

Youtube video optimization creates a lot of traffic through videos. Videos bring another level of personalization consequently increasing customer satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat visits.
Through Youtube videos you are able to let the potential patient get an understanding of who you “The Doctor” is and what you are like in person. Nothing takes the place of meeting someone in person but a video introduction is relatively close.

The Process

There are many options for Youtube Video Optimization. You can shoot your own videos and edit them for use. Or you can hire a high end videographer to come to your office and shoot and edit the video. Either way works and really depends on your budget.

Once the videos are shot and edited I can upload them to Youtube and start creating the Youtube channel by breaking them up into playlists. Once the playlists are set up is when I start optimzing the videos to come up in the Youtube results based off of keyword traffic, which I research to make sure there is relevant traffic.
After a couple days we should start seeing the amount of views increase for each video as well as for the total page. Tracking Youtube video optimization is relatively easy to track. You can watch the amount of views increase from day one. I work the videos in groups of three at the same time.

Case Study

Client: Matthew Schulman, M.D. Plastic Surgeon New York City
Client went from 628 views on 1/31/2019 to 2978 views on 2/15/2019 and he is #1 in the Youtube search results

Saline vs. Silicone

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